Monday, November 9, 2009

Servant Leadership

How can you become a leader – not just at St. Stephen Church – but in the kingdom of God as well?

Here’s the path we suggest. Obviously it’s tailored to our unique setting – our location and our theology.

1. Be a worshipper!

The Lord’s Day worship at St. Stephen Church is designed to continually focus on Jesus Christ and what it means to repent our our sins, confess His Lordship, and spiritually commune with Him. There’s literally no other place to start!

2. Be a servant!

Whether you serve alone to meet a need, serve with a ministry team, or with one of the parachurch ministries in this city, Jesus says that the one who would be great among His people must be a servant (Matthew 20:25-27). As we mature in Christ, we should aim to serve both inside and outside the church on a regular basis.

3. Be a Disciple!

It’s important for the mature Christian to know their own soul and its deceitfulness and also to know the Word of God. Here’s where to start -

A. Daily Prayer and Bible Reading, including

B. Small Group Studies

C. Take a spiritual retreat, or work with a spiritual director, to know your soul

D. Complete a program of study that will help you know God’s Word (ask Fr. Chris for suggestions)

E. Offer the clergy help in getting other students engaged in these studies!

4. Be a steward

To be a steward means to get your own financial house in order. That’s easier said than done these days, but we will work to encourage one another in this area. All of us should use debt responsibly and not be held in slavery by financial turmoil. Part of being a steward means giving faithfully to your local congregation as God prospers you. In return our church will be a good steward of the funds you give.

But there is more to “stewardship” of our lives than simply the financial aspect. If being out of debt were the measure of stewardship, Scrooge would have been a good “steward” instead of a moral failure who needed to be transformed!

We encourage men to pursue faithfulness using the character attributes of 1 Timothy 3:1-7 as their guide. Likewise, we encourage women to consider Proverbs 31:10-31 in their pursuit of faithful stewardship of character. Your name is a gift that's been given to you - have you been a good steward of it? What about of your Christian tradition?

5. Be a Prayer Warrior

We do far too much without ever asking God’s help or seeking God’s wisdom. We proceed in our own strength and wonder why we fail. Prayerfulness begins with our daily time of prayer before the Lord and extends as we pray for those around us (as discussed at “Pray For Your Block”) so that the Lord will go before us as we seek to transform Louisville (and beyond) in Christ’s Name.

6. Be a Messenger of Hope!

When Jesus Christ claims us for His Own, He sets us free to serve Him! We become “Messengers of Hope” who introduce others to His grace!

Some call this “Gossiping the Gospel”, but whatever you call it, it’s ultimately pointing beyond ourselves and to Jesus Christ the Lord and His Wonders to set free a world addicted to the “Sewers of the Self”!

7. Pursue Your Calling!

All God’s people have holy callings in their roles as men and women, husbands/fathers, wives/mothers, parents and children, citizens of the state, and business owners or employees. Some have special callings within the Church as well.

Do you have a special calling for service upon your life? If so, others will soon know it.

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