Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Striving with Spong is over

John Shelby Spong, the former Episcopal Bishop of Newark, has fired his latest philippic at those who hold the Scriptural, catholic, orthodox position on the normativity of heterosexual monogamous lifelong couplings. Fr. Chris has some things to say over at his personal blog.

But here's how it ends:
To be honest, Spong's problems go much deeper than his disregard for the Scripture's teaching on homosexual behavior. His big problem is with God Almighty. Spong casts scorn on the whole notion of theism, and has such an unnuanced fundamentalist materialist bent to his mindset that he's incapable of making any sense of the Resurrection or Ascension (much less the Incarnation).

And because of that, he is to be
pitied. Because, one thing is sure - the striving is over. The battle is won, and there's no need to argue about it. Rather, it's time to simply proclaim the dogma and live into that truth. So here's some help to do just that.

Woodley Ensemble - The Strife is O'er (Palestrina)

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  1. Alleluia, indeed!

    The old saw "living well is the best revenge" comes to mind, and then hard on it, "'Vengeance is mine,' saith the Lord." So perhaps God will forgive me if I alter the first a bit:

    Worshiping well is the best revenge.